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Second Spring Planting

Posted by olemike on 05/30/2011

Last Thursday, May 26, I planted a second planting of Spinach, Lettuce, Radishes, Beets, and Re-planted the bush and pole beans.  We have been eating salad fixin’s from our garden for a few days now.  However, the original bean seeding was a complete failure.  We are trying again.  I think I didn’t keep them moist enough when they were germinating.

Our tomatoes are still not doing very well either.  The weather has not been good for tomatoes.  We need more sunshine and heat.  Unfortunately, rain is again predicted for the next two days.  We won’t have tomatoes until August at this rate.

It’s amazing how the success of the garden can impact your mood either positively or negatively.  I get depressed every time I look at my tomatoes.


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Entitlement Addiction

Posted by olemike on 05/20/2011

When did we become so addicted to “Entitlements”?  It feels like it has been creeping up on us over many years.  This article by Mark Steyn caused me to ask myself this question.

It used to be that relatives helped each other, that parents prepared lunches for their school children, that people paid their own way for healthcare, groceries, etc.  Now we seem to think that it’s the government’s responsibility to fulfil every little need (or want) that we have.  Where did we go so wrong?  We, as a nation, are losing our “character“.  I wonder how many of the people living on welfare or getting food stamps still smoke, drive nice cars, have cable TV, drink alcohol, etc?  It used to be that if you couldn’t afford these things, you did without.  But now, people feel entitled to have everything they want.  Self sacrifice is in short supply.  We’ll just let the government pay for everything.   We have turned into the “me” generation and to hell with the country.

 Shame on us!

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Just Waive Obamacare to Death

Posted by olemike on 05/18/2011

Republicans don’t need to worry about passing bills to cancel the Obama healthcare bill.  They just need to wait for it to die a natural death from all the waivers the Obama administration is approving.  With the count at 1372 and growing, before long no one will have to implement the program. 

Tell me this – if it is such a good program, why are waivers being granted to delay it for a few years? 

I think we know the answer to that.

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Winter Weather Is Here Again!

Posted by olemike on 05/18/2011

Will we ever get good gardening weather?   Just when I think my garden is going to break out and really do well, it once again gets cold and rainy.  I’m very discouraged about my tomatoes.  They need warmth and sunshine desperately.  I took some pictures a few days ago on the garden’s status.  Some plants are doing well  – in fact, most everything I planted except the tomatoes and beans.  The tomatoes look sickly and the beans never came up.  Leona thinks she planted them too deep.  We will re-sow after the rain stops.  We also planted some Honey Babe dwarf peach trees.  See also the strawberry box and Leona’s herb container.  Hopefully, these will all look better in a few weeks.

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