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Harvest Day at Fair Oaks Horticulture Center

Posted by olemike on 08/07/2011

We attended the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center Harvest Day festivities on Saturday and had a great time.  If you like to garden, this is an event not to miss.  Master Gardeners were there to answer questions, many booths were focused on irrigation practices, gardening techniques, and there were a number of lectures.  We attended two of those – First, “Growing Your Own Groceries” and secondly, Composting with Worms”.  Both were entertaining but my favorite was “Growing Your Own Groceries”.  It was given by Shawn Harrison, Owner & Co-Director of Soil Born Farms.  Check out the website.  It is pretty interesting.  Leona and I do plan to try the worm composting that we learned about.

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We walked through the common garden plots and saw quite a few outstanding vegetable beds.  It gives us something to shoot for in our own garden.

There were probably about 2000 gardeners there.  It was a great activity to attend.  We will definitely attend next year as well.


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“Winning the Crowd” with Real Leadership

Posted by olemike on 08/05/2011

The movie aficionados among you probably remember in the movie Gladiator where Proximo (Oliver Reed) told Maximus (Russell Crowe) that to win his freedom, he must “Win the Crowd”.   That is exactly what the Republican party must do over the next few months.  While I believe they have the better ideas about how to stimulate the economy and attack the nation’s debt problem, it will not be enough to be “right” or should I say correct in identifying good policies.  They must convince the public that they have good answers to current problems.  Thus, they must “Win the Crowd”.

The GOP has been lacking charismatic leaders who could lead that effort.  However, I believe one good example is Marco Rubio from Florida.  Watch this video and  you will see what I mean.  He is articulate, plain-spoken, and will appeal to independents who are looking for a good alternative to Barack Obama.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he will be a candidate in 2012, but he could be ready by 2016.  I hope so.  We need some new blood in the GOP.

We have big problems in this country.  We need good leaders who can get something done.  I think he might fit the bill.

What say you?

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The Secret Garden Day Trip

Posted by olemike on 08/01/2011

An article about the “The Secret Garden” store was high lighted in the Saturday Home and Garden Section of the Sacramento Bee.  The story focus was on Carolyn Groth, an Elk Grove artist who creates paintings to hang on fences.  We were intrigued by the article so off we went on Sunday morning to explore a new place and perhaps purchase a fence painting.

In many ways, the Secret Garden was like other garden supply stores that sell fountains, plant containers, and various and sundry garden art.  However, the highlight of the trip for us was the paintings that were offered for sale by Carolyn Groth.  We couldn’t resist buying one to hang on our back fence.

The one we eventually purchased is second from the right in the 2nd picture.

As we passed through Sacramento on our way home, we decided to stop in McKinley park and have a picnic.  McKinley is one of our favorite parks in the Sacramento area.  We never pass up an opportunity to stop there.  It is a perfect place for a little R & R.   It is a great walk to take a walk, have a picnic, watch or play tennis, just enjoy sitting and watching the crowd.

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