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Lake Tahoe Day Trip

Posted by olemike on 07/24/2011

Leona and I were feeling the urge to get out-of-town to beat the heat so we decided to take a day trip to Lake Tahoe.  We began our day by going through Placerville and seeing the Placerville Hardware store.  I love this store.  Every time we are up this way we stop here to browse and hopefully find something we cannot live without.  They have a little bit of everything.  Everyone will love this store.  I guarantee it!

Pressing on, we stopped in Apple Hill to get a snack.  Luckily, they had apples  so with two apples and a Snapple to wash them down, we proceeded to South Lake Tahoe.

On the way up the mountain, we saw some beautiful views of the south fork of the American River.  There is still quite a lot of snow melt.

Once we got to South Shore, we happened past a sign for a Flea Market so we  walked through some South Lake Tahoe junk.  Only people of like mind will understand why we do this.  It is an addiction.

After we had our junk fix,  we proceeded to Safeway to pick up some Deli sandwiches and headed to the beach area to eat lunch , people watch, and basically chill out.  It was great fun.  When you are our age, fun comes in very simple activities.

After having lunch, we proceeded along the west side of Lake Tahoe toward Emerald Bay.  To say the traffic was bad would be an understatement.  However, once we got past the Camp Richardson area, it was smooth sailing.  There must have been thousands of people at Camp Richardson –  probably everyone wanting to beat the heat.

As always, Emerald Bay provides breathtaking views.  If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it.

We stopped in Truckee to have some ice cream.  While there, Leona, of course, spotted a small garage sale and a craft store that she just had to see.   So, ever obedient, I pulled the car over.

Finally, it was time to head home.  It was a great day.  We did miss our regular traveling companion.  She will know who I mean when she reads this post.


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Harvest Time is a Good Time

Posted by olemike on 07/18/2011

Our garden is starting to pay dividends from the work we invested this spring.  We harvest something every morning.  Most frequent are zucchini (no surprises there), yellow squash, cucumbers, radishes, and we are now starting to get tomatoes.  We are hoping for green beans in the near future.   We also have harvested  lots of lettuce, spinach, and swiss chard.  However, because of the hot weather,  that bed of greens was starting to bolt so we turned under what was left and converted it to a two tiered height.  Note:  I wanted to make it easy for Leona to work in the garden.  I will convert all other beds before we plant the winter garden.  This is the first time I have grown cucumbers on a trellis.  It is working out pretty well.  I will continue that in the future.

We recently attended a farmers market in Santa Rosa with my daughter-in-law (Janaize) and two grand-daughters (Georgia and Caroline).  After seeing the wide array of veggies, I told Leona ” We need a bigger garden”.  We had a good laugh about that.

Half of our tomato plants are “determinate” and we plan on canning stewed tomatoes when they are ready.  We haven’t done that before so we’ll see how it goes.  Stay tuned.

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Who Wants to Pay More Taxes?

Posted by olemike on 07/11/2011

There is currently a huge debate regarding the merits of either raising taxes or cutting spending or both.  There is no doubt we need to cut spending.  Almost everyone agrees that at some point in the future, we will not be able to keep up with the debt interest payments unless corrective action is taken – preferably sooner than later.  I know that many of my liberal friends think that we need to raise taxes – specifically on the rich.  After all, who could mind having  “someone else”  pony up more cash? Lots of people think that the rich do not pay their fair share.  One question comes to mind – what is their fair share?

As you will see from the following data taken from the The Tax Foundation (a nonpartisan tax research group based in Washington, D.C.), the well-off do pay a pretty big chunk of change compared to most Americans.

Calendar Year 2008

As you can see, the top 5% income earners not only pay the most in total taxes but also pay the highest marginal rates.  Further, the top 25% basically carries the bottom 75% when it comes to income tax payments.  So, back to the original question, are the well-off paying their fair share?  I tend to think so.  I also think that if taxes are raised, they should be raised for most everyone.  My preference is to cut spending and leave taxes alone.


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