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Just Waive Obamacare to Death

Posted by olemike on 05/18/2011

Republicans don’t need to worry about passing bills to cancel the Obama healthcare bill.  They just need to wait for it to die a natural death from all the waivers the Obama administration is approving.  With the count at 1372 and growing, before long no one will have to implement the program. 

Tell me this – if it is such a good program, why are waivers being granted to delay it for a few years? 

I think we know the answer to that.


4 Responses to “Just Waive Obamacare to Death”

  1. Phyllis said

    I think you are right about that!

  2. The Affordable Health Care Act was the best (although not very comprehensive at that) bill President Obama could get giving the concessions already promised the AMA, the insurance companies, the Hospital Association and the drug companies. Oh, and lest I forget the GOP opposition.

    My question to you is what part of eliminating the practice of insurance companies denying coverage (outright or through exorbitant premiums) for pre-existing conditions is it you do not like?

    ps… thanks for visiting my site. I appreciated your comment.

    • olemike said

      I do realize that there are things that need to be accomplished in the healthcare area. However, having the government so involved cannot be good. How many big programs is the government involved in that are not presently or in the future going bankrupt? Do you really believe that the Obamacare package will reduce the deficit? I don’t think even most of Dems who voted for it really believe that. They just won’t say so.

      I appreciate the dialogue. Thanks!

      • There are around 20 modern countries in the world with universal health care programs that have better outcomes and cost significantly less (per capita) than the US… No one has for profit insurance… France, Germany Netherlands Denmark, Japan, Canada, Spain and Italy are just to name a few.

        The Affordable Health Care Act will not significantly impact the deficit or debt because the country will go broke long before. You and I have seeing health care cost increase yearly at 2-3 times the rate of inflation… Unless we fix everyone’e health care, Medicare and Medicaid will continue to bust the bank…

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