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Man Up, Jerry!

Posted by olemike on 03/10/2011

I think it is time for Jerry Brown to “Man-Up” and do what is required to really fix problems in California.  We need to break the stranglehold that public employee unions have on the state.  Unless the governor attacks that problem, I don’t think there  is any chance of fixing what’s wrong with California.  I do not believe the folks will vote for more taxes even if he is able to get the issue put to a vote.  The last time a vote was taken, more taxes were rejected.  I urge the people of California to ask themselves if they like the condition the state is in.  If the answer is no, perhaps we need to elect some different people to send to Sacramento.   IN PLAIN LANGUAGE, QUIT ELECTING DEMOCRATS WHO ARE IN BED WITH THE PUBLIC EMPLOYEE AND CORRECTIONAL OFFICER UNIONS! 


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