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Posted by olemike on 09/22/2010

You “Oprah” watchers should now know (after Monday’s program) that teacher tenure enjoyed by the teachers union is an impediment to improving our schools. Please keep that in mind as you go to the polls in November. Vote for those really interested in improving our schools. Having a guaranteed job for life after only working a couple of years should be a crime – not a benefit.


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Posted by olemike on 09/20/2010

I would like my liberal friends to tell me what is the maximum tax percentage anyone (rich or poor) should have to give to the government. Is there any level at which they would not want more? Already, if you consider, federal, state, sales, real estate, estate, etc. the highest earners already pay well over 50% of their taxable income. How much is enough?
I personally think it is almost immoral that a huge number of Americans think it is okay for someone else to pay the tab. Have we lost all of our self-respect and self-confidence that we can take care of ourselves?

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Tomatoes- biggest is 10.8 oz

Posted by olemike on 09/19/2010

We are still getting tomatoes from our “Big Boy” plant.  These are the biggest we have gotten yet.  The plant should probably last another 2 or 3 weeks.  By that time, I will be sick of tomatos.

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Posted by olemike on 09/18/2010

The DREAM act should not be included with the Defense Appropriations Bill. Regardless of where you stand regarding the actual DREAM act, it should be passed (or not) standing on its own or included in an immigration overhaul. Something this important should not be buried in a Defense bill.

The Democrats are simply trying to create more Democratic voters.

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