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Second Spring Planting

Posted by olemike on 05/30/2011

Last Thursday, May 26, I planted a second planting of Spinach, Lettuce, Radishes, Beets, and Re-planted the bush and pole beans.  We have been eating salad fixin’s from our garden for a few days now.  However, the original bean seeding was a complete failure.  We are trying again.  I think I didn’t keep them moist enough when they were germinating.

Our tomatoes are still not doing very well either.  The weather has not been good for tomatoes.  We need more sunshine and heat.  Unfortunately, rain is again predicted for the next two days.  We won’t have tomatoes until August at this rate.

It’s amazing how the success of the garden can impact your mood either positively or negatively.  I get depressed every time I look at my tomatoes.


4 Responses to “Second Spring Planting”

  1. Wanda Orick said

    That is why I don’t do anything in the garden or the yard. (Well, I’ll use that as my excuse this time!) Plants don’t seem to like the “love” I give them. Better to leave that to the “pros”. Bet you’ll have an abundance of tomatoes soon. Keep on plantin’ and smilin’. Wanda

  2. Phyllis said

    Sorry your hard work isn’t paying off on the tomatoes. Stacy has trouble keeping squirrels, rabbits and birds away from ours. She has lots of green ones on the vine but as soon as they start to turn red, something gets to them and we think it’s a varmint of some kind. Our zuchinni didn’t do very well either. She got a few big ones for stuffing but then it got too hot and required too much water. Don’t get discouraged…maybe your second go-around will pay off. Don’t quit blogging…….I love reading about the goings-on. ha

  3. Forsythkid said

    I gather from reading previous blogs that you are situated in California somewhere. That location is perhaps one of the best for all types of garden, so I’ll bet that some later tomato plantings will turn out great. Love your blog!

    • olemike said

      Thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate the comments. I checked your blog and see you are a Missouri boy. So am I. I was raised up around Osceola – just about 3 or 4 hrs north of where you live. I grew there and moved to California as an adult. I’ll start following your blog.

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