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Entitlement Addiction

Posted by olemike on 05/20/2011

When did we become so addicted to “Entitlements”?  It feels like it has been creeping up on us over many years.  This article by Mark Steyn caused me to ask myself this question.

It used to be that relatives helped each other, that parents prepared lunches for their school children, that people paid their own way for healthcare, groceries, etc.  Now we seem to think that it’s the government’s responsibility to fulfil every little need (or want) that we have.  Where did we go so wrong?  We, as a nation, are losing our “character“.  I wonder how many of the people living on welfare or getting food stamps still smoke, drive nice cars, have cable TV, drink alcohol, etc?  It used to be that if you couldn’t afford these things, you did without.  But now, people feel entitled to have everything they want.  Self sacrifice is in short supply.  We’ll just let the government pay for everything.   We have turned into the “me” generation and to hell with the country.

 Shame on us!


2 Responses to “Entitlement Addiction”

  1. Dan Kidson said

    I take it you aren’t going to accept Medicare. Did you withdraw out of principle? Thank goodness we live in a Country that cares for those in need. Even so, there are too many people out on the street hungry and homeless. I guess those who follow the principles noted above will take those down and out into your home and help them out? That would take real “character.” I guess it is survival of the fittest in the “entitlement” group. “Obamacare” …. certainly no care in your camp. Let’s see,…. we won’t help those who can’t afford it get care. They get very sick and go to the emergency room. What would have been a more routine office visit and medication becomes a whopping bill that can’t get paid. Who pays for it? We do. Smart money, and an investment in our fellow citizen, would be to have options for healthcare that can make sure we all get the care we need.

    Or go back to the wild west, where children died from curable disease. That’s “character.” Wow, what an “entitlement.”

    Entitlements aren’t a huge part of our budget problem. Roll back the tax cut on the wealthy. Ask someone in that bracket if they mind (most I know, and have heard don’t have a problem with it.) Cut the slime corporation loophole that lets company “hide” money off shore. Why the heck do we give tax BREAKS to oil companies that rake in RECORD profits? So they get a break and we get nailed at the pump.

    Perhaps turn frustrations not to those who are most vulnerable. That isn’t “character.” Turn the energy and “outrage” to those who are taking advantage of those of us who pay our fair share of taxes. The wealthy and corporations.

    ……. oh, and just in case you think I am too far to the left: get rid of public pensions!!

    • olemike said

      Dan – I was really pleased to see your reply to my post on Entitlements. It is always interesting to have good sound dialogue about some of the country’s problems.
      First, let me say, we agree about a few things. I also think that companies should not be allowed to hide profits off shore and that oil companies don’t need subsidies. I personally think only companies that produce jobs right here at home should receive tax benefits. Further, I could live with those people making over one million paying a bit more in income tax. However, even if the Bush tax cuts were completely rescinded, it would still not cover the deficit and pay off the national debt. The government, just like we as individuals, has to make smart decisions about where it spends our money.

      Yes, there will always be some people who need help. But, we need to always push back on the size and growth of government or one day we will have lost our independence and personal freedom. When you have more and more people who are living off the output of less and less “rich” folks, that is a recipe for disaster. It’s just a matter of time until there will not be enough “rich” to go to for more tax dollars. What do we do then?

      I think the government should be more focused on helping people on the front end of their life and then expect that they will take care of themselves. (It’s the old “teach a man to fish story”). Rechanneling much of government spending into education of our citizens would pay far better dividends than troops around the world, ag subsidies, oil subsidies, etc.

      As for public pensions, I don’t even have a problem with them until I am expected to pay more tax so they can have a better reirement plan than my own.

      For the time being, I will continue to accept Medicare since I paid into it for 40 years. I’ll quit it when all the Dems who think more taxes will fix things start sending in a little extra with their tax payments.

      Anyway, thanks for the comments. I welcome them and hope to see more in the future.

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