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2012 Vegetable Garden Yield

Posted by olemike on 12/24/2012


2012 was a pretty good year for our garden.  It was the most successful one yet.  Here is a summary of what we yielded:

  • Tomatoes – 541 (we canned about 45 pints of stewed tomatoes)
  • Patty Pan Squash – 270
  • Zucchini – 86  ( we canned about 12 pints of Zucchini relish)
  • Romaine Lettuce – 40 servings
  • Cucumbers – 71
  • Strawberries – 22
  • Beets – 21
  • Meyer Lemons – 21
  • Garlic – 16
  • Potatoes – 15 (Grown in a box tower)
  • Broccoli – 14
  • Green Peppers – 14
  • Clementines – 12
  • Onions – 7
  • Cauliflower – 1

Total weight of all this came to 300.08 lbs.  I calculate that we saved about $685 on veggies (at Whole Foods prices) for the year.  Obviously, we had to absorb the cost of seed, starter plants, fertilizers, watering supplies, lumber for raised beds, etc.  I’m sure, bottom line, we didn’t really save any money but it sure felt good to eat home-grown food.  That is priceless!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

120912photo 3photo 1Onions 050312Post vacation harvest - 13#072012 Canning - 4061912 Patty Pan062212-4 New Mulch

In a few days, I will determine our goals for the coming year.  I want to increase the total yield weight, focus on foods of which we eat the most, grow more items to can, etc.  I’m still developing these so will post the goals at a later time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Mid-December Garden Status

Posted by olemike on 12/12/2012

1st Cabbage

I am optimistic about my cabbage this year.  Here is a shot of the best one so far.  It is not yet ready to pick, but it is forming a nice head.  No – that’s not bugs you see.  It is simply moisture from the morning dew.


The celery is coming along quite nicely as well.

My onions and Brussel sprouts are also growing pretty well.

Bulb Onions Baby BS

Here is a shot of baby Brussel Sprouts.  It will still be a while before we are eating them.

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Meyer Lemon and Clementine Fruit Trees

Posted by olemike on 12/04/2012

photo 2photo 3

We are starting to pick fruit from our two miniature citrus trees.  Both are currently  growing in wine barrels although we plan to move the Meyer Lemon tree into the ground later this winter.  We might also do the same thing with the Clementine but we have to find a good location first.

I counted the fruit on each tree this morning.  We have about 40 Meyer Lemons and about 23 Clementines.  I may have to get the grandkids over to sell lemonade out on the curb.

Hmmm – I wonder if Leona knows how to make Lemon Pie?

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About Me

Posted by olemike on 12/02/2012

Hello – Olemike here.  I am a retired conservative who is interested in politics, gardening, traveling, and playing golf.  I like to blog about most of these although I have never written a blog post about golf.  I guess we can look forward to that.

My wife and I have 5 kids and 11 grandkids.  My views about politics are determined somewhat about how I see the country (and world) changing for them in future years.  Being a fiscal conservative, I worry about the direction of the country regarding our national debt, education of our youth, and maintaining values that have made this country great.  I believe in personal responsibility and am concerned that as a society, we are coming to rely too much on the government to solve our every problem.

I keep my frustrations in check by working in the vegetable garden.  I love growing fresh vegetables and like to share my successes with my readers – few though they may be.  Of course, no gardener is without failures as well.  I also like to write about those.  I live in the central valley of Northern California.  This area gets quite hot in the summer so that is a factor on what veggies grow well here.

Lastly, I enjoy taking vacations.  They might be long ones (a week or two) or perhaps just a day trip locally.  I enjoy sharing those experiences as well.

I look forward to your many comments – be they agree with me or not.  Good discussions are quite fun.

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Healthy Eating with Broccoli and Fish

Posted by olemike on 12/02/2012

photo 1

The little lady prepared this meal a couple of days ago.  We had baked Talapia and steamed Broccoli from our winter garden.  Leona seasoned the fish with dried tomatoes and canned green tomatoes which were canned by Leona’s daughter, Julie.  This was a great meal and very healthy as well.

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