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Daily Harvest

Posted by olemike on 06/25/2013

062513 Harvest

This is what I harvested from the garden this morning in addition to 31 beets.  We are going to pickle them.  We’ll probably only get about 5 pints but they were the remnants from our beet crop this year.

The peaches are from a dwarf peach tree we have.  There were only 4 today but we have picked 42 season to date.  They are small but tasty.  They are very good with cereal.

So far this year, we have harvested about 153 lbs of fruit and veggies.  Last year, we hit 300 lbs.  I hope to have at least 350 lbs this year.  That is probably small potatoes (no pun intended) to those of you who have big gardens but for our small back yard garden, it’s pretty good.  Plus, we are only trying to feed the two of us.


5 Responses to “Daily Harvest”

  1. Phyllis said

    That is so fabulous………..and they look so pretty! Have you had any peach pie? I love pickled beets……….or unpickled, too. And they are so good for you. I buy quite a lot of fresh-made juice and I always try to get one with beet juice in it. Love reading your post and seeing the pictures! Travis and Laura and Stacy and Mel have lots of good fresh tomatoes and they are sharing with us. Soooo good!

  2. df said

    Love those patty pan squashes! And I envy you your peaches; yum, yum!

  3. Pak Liam said

    There’s nothing more satisfying that eating vegetables that you’ve grown yourself!

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