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Pickled Beets

Posted by olemike on 06/14/2013

0061413 Pickled Beets 5Today we decided to pickle beets. We had previously canned beets but this time we were going to pickle them just using a hot water bath method

0061413 Pickled Beets

We started with 28 beets weighing about 7 lbs. and ended up with 8 pints of finished beets. We probably have enough still left in the garden to do this many more in another week or so.

0061413 Pickled Beets 20061413 Pickled Beets 4

Needless to say – we love pickled beets.


5 Responses to “Pickled Beets”

  1. Greta Hogberg said

    I’am so disappointed that Leona won’t be coming in October, now I won’t get any canned goods or zucchini bread. Thanks Lee!!!!

  2. P. C. Zick said

    Aren’t they the most beautiful of canned produce? I display my jars on the open cupboards in my kitchen. We love them, too.

  3. Phyllis said

    Pickled beets look so pretty sitting in the kitchen…. So homey!!!

  4. I can eat a whole jar of pickled beets in one sitting.

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