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June Veggie Garden Update

Posted by olemike on 06/10/2013

052013 Bed 2 ScaleThe garden is starting to produce pretty well.    We pick  Patty Pan and Zucchini squash just about every day.  We are also starting to get cucumbers pretty regularly as well.  This first picture gives you a sense of how big our squash plants are.

We canned 12 pints of   beets the other day.  We plan to pickle some beets in the next few days.052913 Canned Beets

I’ve been struggling with a couple of problems.  The leaves on my tomato plants are curling upward.  Everything I’ve read tells me that this is a regular watering issue.  I water with a drip system every two days.  That’s pretty regular.  I may be watering too much or too little but I haven’t quite figured out which yet.  I always seem to struggle with getting just the right amount of water.  Any ideas? Let me know!

I’ve also had to spray with soapy water twice to control an aphid problem.  That has helped.  We also released some lady bugs a few days ago.

My tomato plants are growing pretty well.  We are starting to see a few small tomatoes starting to form.

051013 Red Cabbage 052013 Bed 3 052013 Bed 5 052013 Bed 2 052013 Harvest 2 052013 Harvest


18 Responses to “June Veggie Garden Update”

  1. Wanda Orick said

    V Very nice. Would love to try one of your patty pan squash. Never have had it.

    Lv, Wanda 707-657-7774 “One smile can make two.”

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  2. P. C. Zick said

    Wow! I thought our garden was doing well. Beautiful.

    • olemike said

      Your garden is gorgeous. I am especially envious of your pea patch. I wish I had the space you do. Thanks for stopping by.

      • P. C. Zick said

        You do very well with your space. I keep trying to get my hubby to cut back but somehow he translates that into growing more.

        • olemike said

          I know how he feels. I’m always looking for more space. I’ve thought about our front yard but don’t think the neighbors would appreciate that.

  3. Your garden looks fantastic! What a yield you are getting. Your wife looks too tiny to work in there…you might loose her in the squash. I too never know how much to water. If you figure it out please let me know!

    • olemike said

      Thanks for the feedback. Getting the watering right has always been a problem for me. I tend to think “If a plant doesn’t look right, just give it more water”. Unfortunately, that technique doesn’t work out very well for most plants. I’ll have my wife drop crumbs in the garden so she can find her way out.

  4. solarbeez said

    WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING YOUR SQUASH??? They are going to take over your house if you’re not careful… 🙂

    • olemike said

      Befoe I plant in each bed, I apply a product called “Nutri-Rich” (small compressed chicken manure (4-3-2)) and rock dust. The Nutri-Rich was recommended to me by a master gardener at a local Horticulture center. That is what they use in their beds. Rock dust is recommended by a gardener who makes numerous videos which are posted on U-Tube. His name is John Kohler (growingyour greens.com). You might want to check him out. I personally don’t know if it helps or not. However, I am trying it out.

  5. Phyllis said

    I love reading this blog. The beets are gorgeous and so is the rest of the garden. I hope the curled leaves don’t keep the plants from producing tomatoes. Keep me blog coming…

  6. Phyllis said

    Be sure and take a picture!

  7. awesome! your pattypan look great! your so far ahead of us here in New England…

  8. Wow … very nice!! Pattypan look wonderful! You are way ahead of Ohio …I’ll catch up eventually. Happy Gardening!

    • olemike said

      Your raised beds are really pretty. You must have deer problems I see you have your garden fenced.

      • Thank you :-). Yes, we do have a lot of deer. One morning before work I counted 14 in our front yard!!! And we don’t live in a rural area, but across from a huge wooded park. We also have a lot of rabbits. Imagine my surprise when I got up last week and saw a rabbit sitting in the middle of my fenced in garden!! It even had started to build a nest next to one of my tomato plants!! I think I found a low spot where it got in – i fixed it – 2 weeks now, so far, so good! Thank you for stopping by and for the follow. Have a great weekend!

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