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Daily Harvest

Posted by olemike on 06/25/2013

062513 Harvest

This is what I harvested from the garden this morning in addition to 31 beets.  We are going to pickle them.  We’ll probably only get about 5 pints but they were the remnants from our beet crop this year.

The peaches are from a dwarf peach tree we have.  There were only 4 today but we have picked 42 season to date.  They are small but tasty.  They are very good with cereal.

So far this year, we have harvested about 153 lbs of fruit and veggies.  Last year, we hit 300 lbs.  I hope to have at least 350 lbs this year.  That is probably small potatoes (no pun intended) to those of you who have big gardens but for our small back yard garden, it’s pretty good.  Plus, we are only trying to feed the two of us.


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Spring Garden 2013

Posted by olemike on 05/24/2013


It’s been forever since I’ve posted.  One thing I have discovered about blogging.  If you don’t post regularly, it is very easy to get out of the habit and before you know it, it may have been months since the last post.

Right now, I’m playing catch up on my spring garden postings.  I am going to break it down into two separate posts.  The first will be a look shortly after I had planted (early April) and secondly, a more current status.  This spring we planted 1 bed of all beets (Early Wonder) for canning purposes, 3 Patty Pan squash, 1 zucchini, 6 Celebrity tomato plants for canning, and 5 heirloom tomato plants( Brandywine, Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Abraham, Lincoln, and Amish Paste) for eating, 3 cucumbers, and about 6 basil plants.  We are planting more tomatoes this year than normal because we want to experiment with various types.

050613-BabySquash 050613-left 050613-Right 050613-Bed6A 050613-Bed6b 050613-Bed5 050613-Bed1 050613-Bed2 050613-Bed4

I also have some pictures of onions and red cabbage which I planted last fall.  They really took off when it started to warm up this spring.

040313 Red Cabbage-2 040313 Onions-2

 In the next couple of days, I will follow-up with a current status.  There are quite a few changes.

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1st Celery Ever

Posted by olemike on 01/17/2013

1st Celery of 2013

1st Celery of 2013

Here is a picture of the first celery from our garden. This season was the first time I had planted Celery, but so far so good. I’ll probably try it again.

Any other celery growers out there? I’d like to hear about your experiences. What are your tips on growing great celery?

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New Playground Mulch for Garden

Posted by olemike on 06/22/2012

Yesterday, Leona and I hauled in 1.5 yards of playground mulch  to place around the garden beds.  We moved the straw we previously had up into the beds to use as mulch for moisture retention.   All in all, we like how things came out.  The garden looks much cleaner.  Take a look.

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Mid June Garden Status

Posted by olemike on 06/19/2012

I just returned from a trip to Missouri for a high school reunion (more about that in another post) and we also took a central Missouri day trip (Watch Travel category for that).  Anyway, I thought it was time for a garden status report.  During my absence, Leona had been picking squash left and right.

We are getting Patty Pan squash about every day and Zucchini about every other day.  There is nothing better than fresh summer squash.  Add a little butter and it melts in your mouth.

We are also starting to get cucumbers.  Haven’t yet picked one but tomorrow is the target date.

We harvested our onions and garlic a few days ago.  After drying them in the beds, we hung them in the garage for further drying.  This was our first effort with both and we were pleased with the result.

The Crenshaw melons we planted are doing well but a long while to go before we will harvest anything.

The peppers and tomatoes are also looking good but no produce yet.   Our weather is getting hot so the tomatoes should be doing well.

We just planted 4 more squash in the bed vacated by the onions.  However, we planted what the nursery called “Peter Pan” squash rather than “Patty Pan”.  They look similar except they are a light green color instead of yellow.  We’ll see how they turn out.  No results yet on my potato box but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

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Spring Garden’s First Harvest

Posted by olemike on 06/07/2012

Here are two recent pictures.  First, the last mess of peas of the season

and secondly, the first Patty Pan squash.

Both of these have excellent taste.  There will be lots more squash in the near future.

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Where Oh Where Did My Ladybugs Go?

Posted by olemike on 05/31/2012

Has anyone ever wondered what happens to all of the ladybugs they may put out in their garden? They must be real nomads because the next day after we put out about 1500 ladybugs, I couldn’t find hardly any next day.

My story begins with the aphids we saw on our Patty Pan squash.

So, off we go to Green Acres Nursery to get some ladybugs.  We bought this bag of 1500 and dispersed (in the evening just before dark) all 1500 into our 5 raised beds with most going to the squash bed.

Next day, here is one of the few that remained in the garden.

Question is, where do they all go?   I don’t know of many neighbors who have a garden so my garden should seem like a Sunday brunch buffet.

Any ideas out there?

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