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June Veggie Garden Update

Posted by olemike on 06/10/2013

052013 Bed 2 ScaleThe garden is starting to produce pretty well.    We pick  Patty Pan and Zucchini squash just about every day.  We are also starting to get cucumbers pretty regularly as well.  This first picture gives you a sense of how big our squash plants are.

We canned 12 pints of   beets the other day.  We plan to pickle some beets in the next few days.052913 Canned Beets

I’ve been struggling with a couple of problems.  The leaves on my tomato plants are curling upward.  Everything I’ve read tells me that this is a regular watering issue.  I water with a drip system every two days.  That’s pretty regular.  I may be watering too much or too little but I haven’t quite figured out which yet.  I always seem to struggle with getting just the right amount of water.  Any ideas? Let me know!

I’ve also had to spray with soapy water twice to control an aphid problem.  That has helped.  We also released some lady bugs a few days ago.

My tomato plants are growing pretty well.  We are starting to see a few small tomatoes starting to form.

051013 Red Cabbage 052013 Bed 3 052013 Bed 5 052013 Bed 2 052013 Harvest 2 052013 Harvest


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Spring Garden’s First Harvest

Posted by olemike on 06/07/2012

Here are two recent pictures.  First, the last mess of peas of the season

and secondly, the first Patty Pan squash.

Both of these have excellent taste.  There will be lots more squash in the near future.

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Where Oh Where Did My Ladybugs Go?

Posted by olemike on 05/31/2012

Has anyone ever wondered what happens to all of the ladybugs they may put out in their garden? They must be real nomads because the next day after we put out about 1500 ladybugs, I couldn’t find hardly any next day.

My story begins with the aphids we saw on our Patty Pan squash.

So, off we go to Green Acres Nursery to get some ladybugs.  We bought this bag of 1500 and dispersed (in the evening just before dark) all 1500 into our 5 raised beds with most going to the squash bed.

Next day, here is one of the few that remained in the garden.

Question is, where do they all go?   I don’t know of many neighbors who have a garden so my garden should seem like a Sunday brunch buffet.

Any ideas out there?

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