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Northern California Daytrip – Rio Vista

Posted by olemike on 02/04/2013

Road to Rio Vista

Road to Rio Vista

After my sister-in-law had read my last post about Granzella’s where they have many mounted heads on the wall, she told us about another restaurant/bar in Rio Vista that also has a similar theme.  So – we thought we should give it a look-see.

From the Sacramento area, we took highway 160 which basically follows the Sacramento river all the way down to Rio Vista.  We passed through many small  towns such as Freeport, Courtland, Walnut Grove, and Isleton.  Most of these places had seen better days but there was still some activity in numerous places.  In fact, Courtland is known for growing Bartlett pears in the area.  They have a pear festival each year in July.  We saw many boat docks, fields of pear trees, and passed over three or four drawbridges as Highway 160 meandered along alternatively on both sides of the river.  It was a beautiful drive.  Check out the pictures.

RV-4 RV-5 RV-3 RV-2 RV-6 RV-7

After we reached Rio Vista, Fosters Bighorn restaurant was pretty easy to find – “especially when you have Google maps”.  They were fairly busy and just as we were leaving, a large contingent of bikers arrived and almost completely filled up the place.

RV-18 RV-19

We just had sandwiches for lunch.

RV-17 RV-16

They were pretty tasty although most likely not very healthy.

They had lots of animal heads on the walls.  There was a huge elephant head.  Check out the tusks on the wall.  It’s kind of sad to think about all of these animals being killed just for display.

RV-15 RV-14 RV-13 RV-12 RV-10 RV-9 RV-8

After lunch we headed home.  We took a few more pictures and got one of a new pear orchard being built.  It’s fairly interesting to see how they lay out the field.

RV-22 RV-21 RV-20

It was a nice drive.  We saw lots of pretty country that we had not traveled before.

If anyone has suggestions for day trips in California, I’d be glad to hear from you.


7 Responses to “Northern California Daytrip – Rio Vista”

  1. Phyllis said

    That’s some interesting pictures of all those heads on the wall. Sounds like a fun little trip and the sandwiches made me hungry! Enjoyed reading about it!

  2. Greta Hogberg said

    Thanks Mike!! I’am glad you two enjoyed it.

  3. anneb54 said

    What a lovely trip. Thanks for the photos. I was intrigued to see a pear orchard being planted. Over here (in Australia) the trend seems to be to rip them up as they are “unproductive”.

    • olemike said

      Thanks for the feedback. I would sure like to visit Australia. They do tear out orchards periodically when the trees get old. They just bulldoze them and then replant with new stock.

  4. I have lived in the central valley my entire life Turlock/Modesto. One great thing about Cali, drive an hour and a half in any direction, and you will find something fun.

  5. Phyllis said

    That’s exactly what I love about California! Well….that and the people that live there.

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