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1st Celery Ever

Posted by olemike on 01/17/2013

1st Celery of 2013

1st Celery of 2013

Here is a picture of the first celery from our garden. This season was the first time I had planted Celery, but so far so good. I’ll probably try it again.

Any other celery growers out there? I’d like to hear about your experiences. What are your tips on growing great celery?


14 Responses to “1st Celery Ever”

  1. I have grown it from seed and had tiny stalks. Since I am juicing now I am planting the base of the celery. I had one growing and lost it when we had a freeze but have 2 new ones in the ground.

  2. Greta Hogberg said

    That looks so fresh and yummy!

  3. df said

    It looks gorgeous! How exciting.

  4. solarbeez said

    Nice celery, Mike. I read on another blog about replanting the base. I’m anxious to try that out, but we have to get through the rest of winter first.

  5. Do you blanch your celery? My grandmother insisted that this always made celery better, but I guess it depends on your taste. Looks delicious…now I have to go the fridge!

  6. Phyllis said

    It looks like celery! Keep up the good work!

  7. julie said

    looks beautiful – nice photo : )

  8. Looks amazing. It tastes stronger in my opinion which i like!!

  9. Phyllis said

    I wish I had some of that gorgeous celery to use right now…..I’ve been making lots of vegetable/fruit smoothies and most call for celery….and organic celery is NOT cheap!!

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