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Mid-December Garden Status

Posted by olemike on 12/12/2012

1st Cabbage

I am optimistic about my cabbage this year.  Here is a shot of the best one so far.  It is not yet ready to pick, but it is forming a nice head.  No – that’s not bugs you see.  It is simply moisture from the morning dew.


The celery is coming along quite nicely as well.

My onions and Brussel sprouts are also growing pretty well.

Bulb Onions Baby BS

Here is a shot of baby Brussel Sprouts.  It will still be a while before we are eating them.


12 Responses to “Mid-December Garden Status”

  1. Wanda Orick said

    Wow, you certainly have the prettiest small garden – bar none! Good job.

  2. P. C. Zick said

    Your cabbage is beautiful. We’re still eating brussel sprouts and enjoying them very much. Do you grow beets?

    • olemike said

      Thanks for reading. Yes, we do grow beets. I plan to plant quite a bit more this year than last so we can can pickled beets. I love those things. What about you? Do you grow beets?

      • P. C. Zick said

        Yes, we do. We’re still pulling them out of the ground but they are quite as sweet. We head to Florida in a few days so we’re going to pull up the rest and take them with us. They store very well for a few weeks. I pickle them as well and we love those, too. We grow both the red and yellow varieties.

  3. Phyllis said

    Gosh, thaat’s beautiful cabbage………..and your brussel sprouts are starting to resemble those we saw at that awesome farmer’s market when I was out there. Great job!!
    And beets……….I love them!….there’s nothing better than sauteed beets with butter, salt and pepper.

  4. anneb54 said

    I am in awe of your cabbage! I never have much luck with them.

  5. olemike said

    It was great. We decided to saute it rather than boil. It was not as big as I had hoped but was good in every other way. We are going to wait a little longer on the others we have planted.

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