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Meyer Lemon and Clementine Fruit Trees

Posted by olemike on 12/04/2012

photo 2photo 3

We are starting to pick fruit from our two miniature citrus trees.  Both are currently  growing in wine barrels although we plan to move the Meyer Lemon tree into the ground later this winter.  We might also do the same thing with the Clementine but we have to find a good location first.

I counted the fruit on each tree this morning.  We have about 40 Meyer Lemons and about 23 Clementines.  I may have to get the grandkids over to sell lemonade out on the curb.

Hmmm – I wonder if Leona knows how to make Lemon Pie?


4 Responses to “Meyer Lemon and Clementine Fruit Trees”

  1. df said

    I could not possibly be more envious of your lovely citrus trees – living in Canada, this just isn’t possible for me!

  2. P. C. Zick said

    I’m very envious. Lemons and clementines are both in a bowl on my dining room table right now, but they didn’t come from anywhere near where I live. Enjoy!

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