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Blueberry Farm Day Trip

Posted by olemike on 11/26/2012

This past Sunday we decided to take a short day trip up to Diamond Springs, CA to the Skyridge Blueberry Farm.  It is in the Sierra Nevada foothills close to Placerville, CA.

We didn’t know quite what to expect since this is the off-season for blueberries.  However, we wanted to get out of the house for a while so off we went.  As you can see by this  picture we didn’t get to see much at the farm.

However, we did have a beautiful drive.

The weather was perfect for a late November day.  We also stopped at a flea market in Diamond Springs.

My favorite picture is the one with the dog and his cap.  His owner put the cap on him, told him not to move, then left him there.  The dog didn’t move an inch.


One Response to “Blueberry Farm Day Trip”

  1. Greta Hogberg said

    Sounds like it was a fun day. November is such a beautiful time of the year. I love the dog that keeps the hat on. If we put a hat on Calie she’s shaking it off so fast.

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