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Morning Harvest

Posted by olemike on 07/12/2012

Here is our July 12 garden bounty.  We are now up to 81 Patty Pans, 31 Zucchini, 21 cucumbers, and 3 peppers.  Our tomatoes are just starting to ripen.  Should be lots more over the next few weeks.  Those shown here are Roma’s and we hope to use them for canning stewed tomatoes.

The neighbors have started to lock their doors and close their shades when they see us coming with more squash.  We have inundated the neighborhood.


7 Responses to “Morning Harvest”

  1. Greta Hogberg said

    I wish I could reach in my iPad and grab all those wonderful vegetables. They look sooo fresh!

  2. Phyllis said

    Pretty picture!

  3. Wanda Orick said

    When are you going to bring over some of your bountiful produce to me? I have an idea – you should put together a calendar next year – each month using a different picture of your beautiful harvest (your presentation of your veggies is very professional). Yep, I’d buy a calendar. Thanks for sharing.

  4. P. C. Zick said

    Beautiful! I love those squash, but alas, I live too far away.

  5. sfginthebadlands said

    What do you do with Patty Pans? This is my problem. I never know what to do with the things I can grow.

    • olemike said

      The three ways we have prepared them so far are to steam them, make a cassarole with hamburger or sausage, and fry them with eggs, onion, sausage – sort of like a breakfast scrambler. Some folks even just eat them raw with dip.

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