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Patty Pan Pandemonium

Posted by olemike on 06/28/2012

The Patty Pan squash are just exploding in numbers.  Here is a look at this mornings harvest from our first 4 plants.   We have picked 48 of them in recent days.  In fact, we are already giving them away to our neighbors.  We can’t eat them all.    Also shown here is our first green pepper of the season and a good-sized zucchini.

The plants have beautiful blooms.  Here are a couple of shots with bees included.

I am keeping track by both weight and quantity of our harvest this year.  I’ll publish a status in a few weeks.


5 Responses to “Patty Pan Pandemonium”

  1. Phyllis said

    Are you eating the blossoms! I’ve heard they r delicious! The patty pans are so cute!

  2. P. C. Zick said

    I love those but haven’t had one in years. I’m going to ask hubby why we don’t have any in the garden. We must be able to grow them here in western PA?

  3. Patty Pans are so interesting looking. I would love to grow some one year. I’ve tried one once, didn’t care for it. Perhaps it was the way I cooked it. How do you cook with yours? I sliced the one I was given, placed it in a sq. casserole and added onion & butter and baked it. BTW, congrads on your fruitful garden!

    • olemike said

      The normal way would be just to steam them like Zucchinni. However, we have not only had them that way but my wife has made a casserole with either hamburger or turkey sausage. Both are very good. Additionally, one of our neighbors said they were also pretty good raw with dip. Haven’t tried that yet but plan to. We have lots so I’m always looking for ways to prepare them.

  4. df said

    Beautiful photos! I love, love patty pan squash, but have never grown them. Must try!

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