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Potato Box Update

Posted by olemike on 05/03/2012

I thought I would provide an update on how my potato box potatoes are doing.  Here is a before picture

and current.

So far so good – I added some more potting soil a  few days ago.  They are growing quite well.  Here’s hoping for some good potatoes.  Another update will follow in a few weeks.

Additionally, my onions and peas are also faring pretty well.  Take a look.


11 Responses to “Potato Box Update”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This potato box is a cool idea. Wish I was handy like that!

  2. That looks great, Mike! Gotta love growing your own food, even in suburbia. =)

  3. Potatoes look great! I don’t have the patience to keep filling them up with more dirt often enough to grow them that way.

  4. Geordon said

    Good luck with your potato box. I’ve got a much more low-tech “potato tower” going in my garden, and I’m just seeing the first shoots of potato plant coming up. Here’s hoping that you and I both get decent harvests out of them!

  5. bishop9396 said

    Took a tour of you blog postings and see that we are well aligned….. The potato box concept works pretty well. Thanks

  6. Elizabeth said

    Wow, it all looks great! You must be in a warmer zone than I am–I’m in 5B, western Massachusetts, so our last frost date was this past weekend. I’m doing potatoes in grow bags–similar concept, different structure. I hope mine will soon be looking as good as yours.

    • olemike said

      Hi Elizabeth – Thanks for taking a look. I am in central California so yes, it’s a little warmer here. Gook luck with your grow bags. I’m following you so I’ll look forward to seeing your success.

  7. Nice potato plants! I also love the peas… What variety did you use?

  8. nice onions! I never have good luck with mine

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