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Rich vs. Rich

Posted by olemike on 10/12/2011

It’s pretty hard for me to summon much sympathy for either side in the financial struggle the NBA is currently going through. It is one group of millionaires negotiating with another group of millionaires. Does anyone really care who wins? The fact of the matter is – the little guy loses no matter what. Been to a NBA game recently? The price of a ticket is astronomical. Beer and hot dog prices are ridiculous. Parking is $10-$20 bucks. Who can afford this? The last time I went, I had $10 nose bleed seats where you needed an oxygen tank to breath because it was so high up. I should have stayed home and watch it on TV. But, then there’s the price of cable. Don’t get me started. I wonder if I could start a ” Occupy ARCO Arena” protest group?


2 Responses to “Rich vs. Rich”

  1. We recently were given 2 free Giants tickets and I was so excited for something different. Between parking, gas, toll and a hotdog and beer each we spent about $100. Wasn’t exactly the bargain I was hoping for. (but it was still fun)

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