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Congress, Pass this Bill!

Posted by olemike on 09/19/2011

While I very seldom agree with anything President Obama wants to do, I do believe the “Jobs Bill” needs to be passed.  Perhaps small changes would be acceptable but most of the tax cuts should be favored by the GOP and much of the spending is for infrastructure and school expenses.  Per Mark Zandi, the Chief Economist for Moody’s Analytics, infrastructure spending has a multiplier effect of $1.44 for every dollar spent.  That seems like a pretty good result.  Our roads and schools definitely need work, we have thousands of unemployed construction workers,  and we need to do a better job of educating our youth.  Yes, it will need to be paid for and eliminating many of the tax loopholes used by the wealthy should do the job.  We could eliminate many loopholes, reduce rates, and still generate more revenue that we need.  Congressman Paul Ryan has such a plan.  Maybe he and Barack should talk.  If you agree with this proposal, write to congress and let them know of your support.


One Response to “Congress, Pass this Bill!”

  1. Phyllis said

    Well said, Mike!

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