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Late Summer Garden Update

Posted by olemike on 09/05/2011

My garden is starting to feel the effects of the mid-summer heat in the Sacramento valley.  Some plants seem to suffer with the extreme heat but my tomatoes love the warm weather.

Our tomatoes are very late this year due to the unseasonable rain and cool weather this past spring.  However, we are now starting to get improved ripening and later this week we hope to start canning stewed tomatoes.  We have also had pretty good luck with green beans.  In fact, we are getting sick of them.  Besides eating quite a few, we have frozen about 20 meal sized packages to eat this winter.

In one of my raised beds, I have already planted the first cycle of a winter garden.  A few days ago, I planted red cabbage, pak choy, beets, green onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and turnips.  Hopefully, I didn’t start these too soon.  It is still pretty hot.  I am converting a second bed to two tier and will be ready to plant a second winter crop within a week or so.  I haven’t selected what to plant yet.  Stay tuned for that info in a future post.

On July 20th, after a couple of weeks of harvesting veggies, I decided to starting weighing the produce we pick each morning.  From July 20 through August 30, the garden has yielded about 100 lbs. of produce.  That’s roughly 2 .5 lbs/day – not enough to take to the market, of course, but just enough for the two of us to eat, can, and give some to neighbors.  That is the primary goal of our gardening effort.

We also harvested about 6 cantaloupes recently.  They came out pretty well – not too big but were very tasty.

Lastly, I wanted to post a picture of the wall painting we purchased recently.  We like the looks of it in our garden.  What say you?


4 Responses to “Late Summer Garden Update”

  1. Wow, 100 pounds is impressive!! And I love the outdoor garden art.

  2. Wanda said

    I’m looking forward to seeing your garden in person (and, perhaps, getting a small sample of your successful endeavors). I’ll be arriving in Oakland on Wednesday, 9/7. We’ll be talking to you soon. Congratulations, Mike and Leona, on your superb garden. Lv, Wanda

  3. Phyllis said

    Love reading your blog. I’ll look forward to some of that produce while I’m there. Love your garden painting.

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