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Rise of National Debt

Posted by olemike on 06/24/2011

Talking about the national debt is all the rage right now.  I thought I would see who the big spenders really are.  Using data obtained from The Street, It would appear that George Bush had the biggest real number contribution (4.9 trillion) to the deficit but that President Obama has him beat by almost double (15.2% to 8.0%) when you look at the compound annual growth rate.  Their combined 8.3 trillion increase dwarfs the 5.4 trillion  by the previous seven presidents back to and including Lyndon Johnson.

Can we all now agree that both parties are responsible for the huge deficit, quit throwing stones, and get something done before the country ends up in the poor house.  If we don’t, we will all regret it soon.

Contact your congressman and/or your senator and let them know what you think. – Please!


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