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Thank You, Paul Ryan

Posted by olemike on 04/14/2011

Barack Obama finally came out with a plan to reduce the deficit.  Most of us know that without Mr. Ryan leading the way, the President would not have done so.  It is always easier to react to someone else’s plan  that to develop your own from scratch.  Unfortunately, that is not the mark of a good leader.   

What will actually get passed is anyone’s guess.  Most Dem’s in the house and senate don’t want to cut anything.  The all usually fall back on the standard Democratic mantra – raise taxes on the rich.  Yes, that may be required to ever eliminate the deficit, but  some of their sacred programs must be trimmed as well. 

I personally believe that the government’s focus should be on the beginning of one’s life (such as providing a good education) and not on providing a “golden parachute” for all.  People have to be responsible for themselves to some degree.


One Response to “Thank You, Paul Ryan”

  1. Phyllis said

    I agree!

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