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Spring Planting

Posted by olemike on 04/08/2011

Is it ever going to warm up?  We made the mistake of purchasing some tomatoes plants a few days ago thinking Spring was here.  Oops – it’s still cool.  No matter, we went ahead and planted the six plants in our raised bed.  I did cover them with empty plastic milk jugs to help keep them warm.  I hope they survive.  I planted three determinate (Celebrity) plants  for canning Stewed Tomatoes.   These should yield lots of 7 oz fruit.   In addition, I planted three indeterminate (two “Beefsteaks”  and one “Red Cherry” just for eating.  We purchased the plants are Green Acres Nursery here in Roseville but the Celebritys were raised by “Do Rights” in Santa Paula, CA., and the Beefsteaks and Red Cherry were raised by Kawahara Nurseries, Inc of Morgan Hill, CA



One Response to “Spring Planting”

  1. Phyllis said

    We’ve always had Celebritys and had so many wonderful tomatoes this past year. This year Stacy planted about 12 plants so we should have plenty before too long. She planted onions this weekend and has lots of little zucchinis on the vine. Good food is coming!

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