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California Budget and those Responsible

Posted by olemike on 04/06/2011

I was appalled this morning when I read this article from the Sacramento Bee which stated that the  State Assembly committee dominated by Democrats on Tuesday killed bills to require public officials to report suspected illegal immigrants and to prohibit employers from knowingly hiring the immigrants. 

The  panel also killed Assembly Bill 1018, which would require state and local officials to verify the immigration status of person requesting any public service.  It was opposed by immigrant right groups and Labor unions.

Is it any wonder that we have budget problems when our legislators continue to allow illegal aliens access to public services?  Does the ordinary citizen taxpayer really want to subsidize people who are in the country illegally? 
As long as we allow these same people to run the state, we will continue to have deficit problems. 
I have had enough.  Who’s with me?

2 Responses to “California Budget and those Responsible”

  1. “I vote for Mike! I vote for Mike!”

  2. Phyllis said

    I vote for Mike too.

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