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Stop Spending our Money!

Posted by olemike on 12/16/2010

It seems that most Democrats and some Republicans did not get the message this past November election.  They continue to insert huge earmark requests (about 6500) into the current omnibus spending bill to the tune of about $8.3 billion.  What will it take for our representatives in Washington to get the message that we do not want them to do this.   I believe that most earmarks projects should be paid for by the communities that benefit from the specific project.  Why make the rest of the country absorb the costs?  I urge the President to veto this bill until all earmarks are removed.  He stated many times that he planned to reduce the quantity of earmarks.  Will this be just another broken promise?


2 Responses to “Stop Spending our Money!”

  1. mike said

    it would appear that the Republican’s and Democrat’s are idiots who only seem to care about padding their pockets with our money! about time for a revolt if you ask me…

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