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Washington Fatigue

Posted by olemike on 12/03/2010

I am thoroughly disgusted with the elected officials in Washington.  The Democrats want more giveaways for the middle class and the Republicans want more tax relief for the rich.  Is it any wonder our country has problems?  It seems reasonable to me to only let the tax cuts expire for those making over $1,000,000.  That would decrease the 10 year impact by about $300 billion.  Most new job creation will probably come from those making between $250,000 and one million anyway.  Secondly, much of the government giveaways such as welfare and unemployment should have strings attached.  All able-bodied people receiving these dollars should be required to perform volunteer work, attend night classes, or any number of other things to contribute to the community.  There should be no completely free ride.  Further,  government expenditures should be geared to creating jobs for folks rather than paying unemployment or welfare.  Why not build roads, dams, railways, wind farms,  etc. rather than just give the money away.  A good example would be to extend the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to the north bay areas of Marin and Sonoma counties.  This would create many jobs and improve the commute options for thousands of people. If every tax dollar spent supposedly creates a $1.40 (?) stream, it certainly makes more sense to have people working than receiving freebies.  Government should be in the business of helping people to be successful, not putting  them on a permanent government dole.

Our legislators never think out of the box.  They continue to recite the old party mantra.  It’s either tax and spend or tax cuts for everybody.  Our country is in a crisis and I don’t think either the Democratic or Republican parties have the answer.


2 Responses to “Washington Fatigue”

  1. mclouse said

    I briefly heard an interview with a local Democrat and I really liked his approach to unemployment/welfare. He suggested that it change to a diminishing scale; ex: Person starts off with 100% unemployment benefits, after 5 months decreases to 80%, after 8 months, 50%, etc. An incentive for the moochers to get a job. Of course this doesn’t help the legitimate job seekers who are still really struggling in this continued down economy.

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