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Deficit Reduction Action

Posted by olemike on 11/28/2010

Anyone who does not have their head in the sand knows that there is a lot of discussion right now about how (or if) to reduce the federal deficit.   I personally think it is critical that we take immediate action to reduce spending, increase revenue, and reduce the size of the deficit.  Not doing so will have drastic fiscal implications for our nation.  I read the proposal of the Obama Fiscal Commission and the proposal by the Bi-Partisan Committee.  Both have some great ideas that will work.  Most of us may not agree with every individual line item but in total, both plans make a great deal of sense.  Hopefully, Congress and the President will take action to implement some, if not all of these proposals.    They are quite lengthy but definitely worth your time to read.  Let me know what you think about the specific suggestions.  Let’s create some discussion.  In future posts, I will list the items I really like and those that I am concerned about.


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