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Dancing with Sarah Palin

Posted by olemike on 11/08/2010

As a Dancing With the Stars fan, I have to wonder why Bristol Palin in still in the competition.   With only a few weeks left in the season, she has outlived her skill level by 3 or 4 weeks.  The only way to explain this is that fans of her mother are voting for her even though she is currently and has been for the last 2 or 3 weeks the weakest dancer left in the competition.  Bristol can’t possibly have a personal fan base to keep her around this long.  Obviously, Sarah has a lot of fans in the demographic that watches this show.  However, it’s time for reality to take hold.  In fairness to the other competitors,  Bristol should be going home this week.


4 Responses to “Dancing with Sarah Palin”

  1. Big Daddy E said

    What I have noticed about America the last few years in both DTWS and IDOL is that we are in love with the underdog. Why else would Jerry Springer one year and the MC (SP?????) the other year make it so far? They were no where near even sub-par at dancing and they kept getting voted further and further. We have this notion as a society that we need to vote for who we like the best because we see them as underdogs, but not for who IS the best. More recently on Idol, we crowned Chris Allen but he was not even in second place Adam Lambert’s league. So Allen gets voted because of his cuteness? I dont remember anyone waiting to see what Chris did next, but they sure did for Lambert. Although Allen was portrayed as a humbled country boy, people associated with that because they see themselves in him; that he is trying hard and they wanted him to get far. But was he THE BEST? NO.

    Look at our elections and you will see a similar comparison to those on DWTS and Idol. We vote for people that we like, not who is the BEST to lead. Bristol is seen as an underdog just as her mother is in politics. We let her slipups go by and we ignore them and we continue to think that she can lead and be great, but the fact is that she is NOT the best and therefore wont be great! The best IS the BEST and they are the ones who should win and be the leaders. Ill leave it to you to figure who this just applied to but cant it to both?

  2. Phyllis said

    I, too, can’t believe that Bristol is still in the competition. I felt she should have left 3 weeks ago. I hope it will be next time. And, what’s worse, she really doesn’t even want to be there.

  3. Stacy said

    Where Sarah is all winks, smirks, and cheekiness, Bristol appears completely flat and devoid of much personality. Hard to understand why either have much of a fan base…can only agree that it must be the underdog philosophy.

  4. Wanda said

    I agree that Bristol should have been voted off much earlier. (I, personally, think the whole voting system on DWTS is absurd. But, that is a subject that could be discussed in a later “chat”.) However, she does seem to be coming out of her “personality-zero” demeanor; she is showing more enthusiasm and even just a little more talent than when she started. It possibly could be many of the teenage mothers who are voting for her – vicariously seeing themselves in Bristol’s place.

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