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Posted by olemike on 11/05/2010

As a conservative, I was pleased at the election results on a national basis (California being the exception).  That being said, I think we should examine the promises the Republicans are making and hold them accountable.  I was critical about President Obama because I thought he and the Dems broke lots of promises.   I will list what I hear the Republican house leaders say and then we can collectively analyze their performance over time.  We will focus mainly on the House because Democrats still control the Senate.  I will massage this list on an ongoing basis.

Here goes the list thus far. (most of this list comes from this article by John Boehner or this one by Eric Cantor.

  • Continue a moratorium on earmarks.
  • Increase the amount of time the minority party has to deliberate.
  • Allow 72 hrs for each bill to be read before voting.
  • Reduce spending.  Explain how all new spending will be paid for.
  • Every bill include a clause citing where in the Constitution Congress is given the power to pass it.
  • No more “comprehensive”  bills.     (Thousands of pages of legislative text that make it easy to hide spending projects and job-killing policies)
  • No more bills written behind closed doors in the speaker’s office.
  • Reduce “Suspension Calender” issues to one day per month.  (These are non-controversial issues such as recognizing the NCAA basketball champion, naming a post office, etc)

I will fine tune this list as time progresses and the new Congress takes control.  Most of this stuff is “fluff” so far.  We will get more detail later, I’m sure.


For you who choose to comment, if you want to add a “promise” I haven’t listed, please provide a link to where you found it. 


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